Tapping the keyboard again

Its been almost a year since i wrote something here. I don’t know maybe its because i don’t find time for this or maybe its because i completely forgot i had a habit of writing.

The epic boredom and watching Mark blog on the social network(movie) reminded me of the good old days of blogging. I was really excited when i logged into WordPress, well its not like it used to be.. i didn’t have a single notification this time.. yep it was disappointing.

But the really disappointing fact was that all the bloggers i used to follow stopped writing stuff almost the same time I did. No wonder i didn’t get any email notification or anything.

I’m indeed happy to find that some of these bloggers haven’t stopped

The learning curve

1000 stories behind the eyes


Decoding Happyness

Blend of sentiments


Feel the obvious

Toodle tales

Lets take it up as a challenge.. Mention 5 blogs that you were really happy to read like i was when i did yours.




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